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From the Writings of Shaykh Abd-al Mun'em Mustafa Halima Abu Basir


     The Conditions Of Lā-Ilāha-Ilallāh          Actions Which Expel One From The Religion

Here we will briefly touch upon the importance of covenants, security and trusts of safety in the Sharī'ah of Allāh (Subhānahu wa-Ta'āla), their sanctity and how they are established. The severity of treachery (Ghadr) and of betraying these trusts and the retribution that falls upon the person who does so.

The Fourth Rule - From The Book Qawā'id Fī Takfīr

"Every prevention from the preventions of Takfīr is a prevention from the preventions of the threat of falling into the specific (Takfīr), and not every prevention from the preventions of the threat of falling into the specific (Takfīr) is a prevention from the preventions of Takfīr"

The Case of the Muslims Born in the Lands of the Disbelievers
The Muslims who were born in the lands of the disbelievers exceed hundreds of millions in number. Therefore, it is not possible to make a call or issue a single Fatwā obligating all of them to make Hijrah, leaving their lands to places unknown to them!

A Refutation Regarding The Targeting Of Women And Children

After mentioning the fatwa of Shaykh Ibn 'Uthaymin in which he deems it permissible to target the women and children of the disbelievers in retaliation, Shaykh Abu Basir said:"...we do not agree with him in this, and we believe that he is mistaken in this.  He is refuted from the following angles:

Indeed, those who are quick to demoralize and abandon their cause are known from their ambiguous words, as well as from their clear words. They are known, and are not hidden from anyone, and their evil is avoided.

A. Suspicions of Sin in Martyrdom or Suicide Attacks.

B. The Al-Sharq Al-Awsat Newspaper and the Ongoing Lie
C. An Argument Against the Claims and Challenges of Those Who Disagree
D. The Amman Operation is Illegitimate and Forbidden, and Does More Harm Than Good

E. "He Who Approves of Something is Like He Who Did It"

- The Meaning of La-Ilaha-ilallah

- The Meaning Of Tāghūt

- Declaring Disbelief In Tāghūt

- How To Disbelieve In Tāghūt

- Message To Non Muslims

- Yes I am Wahabi !

- The Sharee Stance On Qardawi

- Fatwa Regarding The Saudi Regime

- Biddha And Sunnah [Lecture Notes]

- What Is Tawheed al-Haakmiyyah

- A Grave and Mistaken Understanding

- Can Makkah Become Dar-al-Harb After The Prophets Conquest Of It ?

- The The Ruling Regarding Saddam Hussain

- A Word Regarding the Illness of Shaykh Safar al-Hawali

Experts From the Essay "Sifatu Masājid Dhirār Allatī Yajibu Iítizālahā"

- An Expansion for Which There Is No Evidence

- The Fifth Issue: Does the deviance of the employed Imām...

- The Sixth Issue: Imām whose condition is not known...

- The Seventh Issue: A Masjid which is frequented by Intelligence

- The Eighth Issue: Churches, Synagogues converted To Mosques...

- The Ninth Issue: Judging upon Masajids through oppression

Audio Lectures Given To Sisters With English Translation:

لقاء مع الأخوات في محاضرة حول مفهوم العبادة  (The Correct Understanding Of Ibādah)

لقاء مع الأخوات في محاضرة حول مفهوم الشرك (The Correct Understanding Of Shirk)

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المحاضرة المرئية :الطريق إلى استئناف حياة إسلامية وقيام خلافة راشدة على ضوء الكتاب والسُّنَّة

Video Lecture With English Translation: The Path to Resume the Islamic Way of Life

And Establish The Khilāfah Rāshidah, In Light of the Qur'ān and Sunnah.

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